Remote OLT

A cost effective remote optical line terminal (rOLT) for deep access deployment and FTTP

Bridge the digital divide with the rOLT for rapid deployment of 10G symmetrical FTTH/P broadband services.

  • Compact, ruggedized XGS-PON OLT for remote locations
  • Ideal for rural, distributed and suburban deployments such as small towns and villages, business parks and universities
  • Low power consumption and passively cooled
  • Environmentally hardened rOLT with ≥ 4 ports XGS-PON (10G) serving up to 512 subscribers
  • Integrated fiber management including splitters for rapid installation
  • Flexible configuration from 1 to 4 x 10GE uplinks and 1 to 4 x XGS-PON ports
  • Multiple deployment options including pole, pedestal, pit, tower and closet

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