Supply chain and logistics

We offer leading edge products and a full supply chain service, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Technetix is at the center of broadband technology innovation, and through its global reach has established logistics hubs in key locations around the world. Our operations based out of 20 countries including the USA, the Netherlands and the UK, position us to deliver logistics management and a full supply chain service to North America, Latin America and Europe.

Technetix uses an advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to plan and manage stock fulfilment to meet the strict service level agreements of the world’s leading broadband cable operators.

Our three strategically placed main offices oversee a network of hubs around the world.

The Americas

Our regional headquarters in Englewood, CO USA, provides centralized stock for distribution throughout the US, Canada, and CaLA markets.


Our UK head office in West Sussex, and our regional headquarters in Veenendaal, Netherlands, house stock for distribution throughout Europe. These facilities serve customers directly in major European markets, supported by Technetix-operated local supply warehouses in Dublin (Ireland), Zaragoza (Spain), Pristina (Kosovo) and Bucharest (Romania). The operations accommodate a combined storage capacity of 20,000 pallets.

Technetix can procure products that go directly into your warehouse or replenish your stock from our own facilities according to pre-agreed inventory management rules. We also supply direct to our clients’ end customers and technicians.

A managed online portal

To differentiate ourselves in the market, we use a state-of-the-art ERP system and stock planning software to process all supply chain functions within the company. A specially designed client portal provides end-to-end transparency, so customers can enjoy peace of mind at every step of the supply chain.

The portal delivers information about the Technetix and third-party products we supply. If required, it can offer alternatives, approved by your own engineers, for every product you buy. We believe this presents a further way to drive down costs while protecting or enhancing the performance of your network.

The system can be customized to provide online ‘dashboards’ and convenient reports, including a centralized view of stock availability, sales order processing, client forecasts and stock inventories per SKU.

If we supply stock for your warehouse, the portal provides information on the progress of open orders all the way through to invoicing. You can see which products are in transit and which are being manufactured. Dashboards highlight any potential issues with stock levels and you can drill down to obtain information that will help you manage those issues, averting problems before they occur. If we provide stock under contract from our own warehouse, you still have full visibility of your inventory levels through the online portal.

Tried and tested approach

Operating a successful supply chain service on a global scale requires excellent time management, efficient communication and commitment to deadlines; Technetix has been providing supply chain management to cable companies across the world for the past 15 years. Our supply chain and logistics service offers you the ease and efficiency of dealing with a single supplier plus the flexibility to meet your individual requirements.

Allowing Technetix to manage your inventory enables you to reduce the overheads associated with entry processing, demand planning, forecasting and procurement; we fulfil your product requirements based on approved threshold levels, minimum consignment stock levels, and forecast trends which we observe over time. By using our service to reduce the amount of stock in your own warehouses you can also improve cash flow, freeing further resources for use in the core areas of your business.

In the US alone, Technetix has managed various product inventories, delivering to locations in most states from the west to east coast since 2008. In order to deliver inventory management throughout the United States, our purchasing and customer service teams are positioned to accommodate multiple time zones.

Value for money

At Technetix, our pricing is transparent. When you establish a long-term supply agreement with us, distribution of our own products is free of charge and third-party products are supplied on a cost plus fixed percentage margin. By removing the distractions and reducing the cost of managing your supply chain, Technetix allows you to focus more clearly on serving your customers.

If you are interested in our supply chain service, speak to your local sales contact or email