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John Chapman joins Technetix Strategic Advisory Board

ALBOURNE, UK – 6th February, 2023 – Technetix Group Ltd (Albourne, UK), the leading global broadband technology provider, is pleased to announce that John Chapman has joined its Strategic Advisory Board. John Chapman is currently CTO Broadband and Fellow at Cisco. He is a senior executive with decades of experience of leadership, strategy, innovation, and execution. John co-founded the cable business unit at Cisco as an internal startup. Under John’s vision, technology leadership, and execution, the unit grew to a $1B business, making it the most successful internal startup ever at Cisco.

John Chapman said “I am thrilled that I have been invited to join the Strategic Advisory Board advising the Technetix leadership team. Technetix has a history of innovative solutions for networks across the globe and producing critical next generation technologies. I look forward to working with Paul and the other executives to develop the company further”.

With over 130 patents and 50 published papers, John is a prolific inventor. He has repeatably gone through the stages of creating an idea, setting the strategy, architecting a solution, writing specifications, pitching the product to customers and executives, getting funding and then working with a large team to build, ship and support that product. Some of John’s original contributions to the cable industry include Remote PHY, FDX DOCSIS, LLX, channel bonding, DSG, and DTP. Prior to Cisco, John worked at ROLM, IBM and Siemens.

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Paul Broadhurst said “John’s leadership and inventions have had a huge impact on the cable industry. His experience in product development and launch strategy are a great addition to the Technetix team. I am delighted that he has joined our Strategic Advisory Board to help us continue developing and growing our business in Broadband Cable, Fiber Systems, Wireless Access and Power Systems”.

John was inducted into the Cable TV Pioneer society in 2015 and into the SCTE Hall of Fame and the Cable Circle of Eagles Society in 2012. He has also received the Chinese National Innovation Award in 2012 for his invention of Remote PHY and three Pioneer awards in Cisco. CableFax included John in the 2021 and 2022 Top 100 Power Players list.