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The Class of 2020 – Paul Broadhurst is inducted to Cable TV Pioneers

16th July, 2020, Albourne, UK – Technetix is proud to announce that Paul Broadhurst, Chief Executive Officer, is to be inducted into the class of 2020 as a Cable TV Pioneer. Broadhurst is one of 22 new members of the organisation, which includes a wide spectrum of industry figures who have made, and continue to make, a contribution to the growth of the industry.

2020 is a double celebration for Paul, as it is 30 years since he founded Technetix Group. The company has grown under his leadership to become a global provider of innovative, cost-effective and award-winning solutions which are embedded in broadband networks all over the world. Paul is constantly seeking ways to help operators maximise the potential from their networks and improve the service to their customers. 2020 has shown more than ever with the global pandemic how important a fast and reliable broadband service is as demand for bandwidth over the cable network has surged, with operators are reporting increases of over 20% in downstream traffic and increases of at least 50% in the upstream.

The Pioneers are finalising the details of the awards celebration, which was planned for October in Denver, where the company’s US headquarters are located.