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Technetix and Amphenol Broadband Solutions announce partnership

  • Providing Sales, Support and Training to Serve Smaller Cable Operators –

April 23, 2019 Denver, CO

Technetix, Inc. announced today an agreement with Amphenol Broadband Solutions (ABS) to distribute and support a variety of ABS products including coaxial cable, premises hardware and a vast array of fiber optic solutions to serve smaller operators.

“Smaller cable operators want ABS products but are limited in their volume buying power.” said Ian Thomas, Distribution Manager, Amphenol Broadband Solutions. “Our partnership is a win-win-win for all: ABS, Technetix and most importantly, the cable operators, who can now turn to Technetix for a readily available inventory of ABS products, focused customer service and technical support.”

“Technetix is committed to serving independent cable operators by providing quick access to network supplies and innovative technology solutions such as our DBX access platform to maintain and grow their access networks,” said Sandy Howe, EVP & President, Americas for Technetix. “By maintaining an inventory of ABS products, we can give smaller operators the products they want, when they want them and at a cost that they can afford, helping them to be more competitive.”

In 2015 Technetix acquired the Telewire Supply business from ARRIS, which brought a broader range of products and support services to Technetix customers worldwide. The company continues to grow its supplies distribution business by partnering with leading companies such as ABS.

About Technetix:

Dedicated to helping cable operators better compete – and win – Technetix is a trusted, professional and customer-focused global provider of network services. Founded in 1990, the company is passionate about engineering, and prides itself on helping customers serve millions of subscribers every day. Technetix listens, innovates and delivers technologically advanced products and solutions that enable flexible, powerful networks; increase revenue and market share; and provide a better service experience. With over 6,000 supplies product SKUs to cutting-edge solutions like Remote PHY, Technetix is a partner that cable operators can count on to succeed at their most ambitious goals. The company sells into leading cable operators in 70 countries.

About Amphenol Broadband Solutions:

Amphenol Broadband Solutions (ABS) provides innovative technologies to the world’s Broadband Service Providers. Providing optical equipment, coaxial cable, wireless gear, premises hardware and more, Amphenol is uniquely positioned to provide network solutions from head-end to premises across the entire spectrum of broadband network topologies; wireless, copper, fiber and satellite. ABS – providing everything you need to complete your world-class broadband network.

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