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Technetix wins ‘Innovation and Breakthrough’ Award at the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2018

Technetix was delighted to receive the ‘Innovation and Breakthrough Award’ at the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2018. This award was presented for the Technetix Virtual Segmentation™ solution, a combined award with Liberty Global. Technetix worked closely with the engineering teams at Liberty Global to develop the solution for the German market. Virtual Segmentation greatly reduces time and CAPEX investment when deploying Remote PHY.

Operational field trials will be completed in Germany by the end of this year, as part of Liberty’s Access Transformation programme. This technology enables Liberty to add an additional 10 Gbps capacity in addition to original spectrum across every coax cable.

The solution incorporates transceivers and repeaters which can be used with existing amplifiers in the network with no interruption to service. Virtual Segmentation is easy to deploy and can be used for business-to-business applications.

Colin Buechner, Managing Director Access Network, Liberty Global said: “This is a truly innovative, well developed, integrated solution that will double the capacity of our HFC network in our German market in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared with the traditional approach. Additional capacity can then be fed back into the network.”

Paul Broadhurst, Chief Executive Officer, Technetix, said: “Technetix is delighted to have received this award in conjunction with Liberty. This award exemplifies another of the many innovations delivered by Technetix to the market since 1990, such as our adaptive power control which has already saved millions of kWh on our deployed base of over 500,000 amplifiers and optical nodes.”