1.2 GHz NCI-series narrowcast inserter module

Item code: 11252112
Model Number: NCI-521-12

  • High CSO/CTB specification
  • High dynamic RF level range for broadcast and narrowcast
  • Electronic slope and level control on every input port (0.5 dB steps)
  • Flexible and hot-swappable
  • High isolation between ports

The NCI-521-12 is a 4 way Narrowcast Inserter for the next generation CCAP equipment. Small, compact, low power, flexible and > 70 dB isolation ensures deploy ability for the next decade. The unit has a Broadcast input and 4 narrow cast insertion points made with directional couplers with very high isolation. A GaAs pHemt amplifier is used for high CSO and CTB figures. At the output a 20dB test point is located. Every narrow cast input has a central operated adjustable attenuator, equaliser and switch. Ports can be switched on/off for redundancy applications and to terminate when not used. Broadcast input and output have also adjustable attenuators. The RF connections are made with high quality F connectors. The use of high quality ferrite ensures very low passive Intermodulation so fully prepared for DOCSIS 3.x and channel bundling applications.

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