1.2 GHz premises amplifier with switchable diplex filters

Item code: 19014182
Model Number: EZ-AMP PU

  • DOCSIS 3.1 compatible amplifier
  • Dedicated modem port with passive upstream and 4 dB downstream gain
  • Switchable diplex filters from 65/85 to 204/258 MHz
  • 3 TV ports with 2 dB downstream gain
  • 2kV surge withstand on all ports

One of the major advantages of DOCSIS 3.1 is the extension of the downstream frequency band up to 1.2 GHz, as well as the uplift of the upstream to 204 MHz. While 1.2 GHz network upgrades have been ongoing for many years, the upstream is lagging behind, mainly due to FM bands which are still active in the network. Moving forward, it will become necessary to upgrade the upstream to higher capacity to support the relative downstream loading. However, 1.2 GHz in-home amplifiers are currently deployed with a fixed band-split at 65/85 MHz, resulting in the need to replace this device in the future when 204 MHz upstream is activated.

Technetix has resolved this issue and introduces the EZ-Amp series of amplifiers featuring switchable diplex filters to execute an upstream upgrade. Prepare for the upstream future when upgrading legacy 860 MHz or 1 GHz amplifiers today.

The upstream path of the EZ-Amp through the modem port is passive, therefore preventing any issues with amplifier saturation in the upstream.

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