1.2 GHz test probe for 5/8-inch entry

Item code: 19008862
Model Number: TXJTP12-2000

The TXJTP12-2000 is a 1.2 GHz -20dB test probe to easily access 5/8 inch ports in outdoor applications such as access amplifiers and outdoor splitters and taps. With this tool you can test the levels of both upstream and downstream without disconnecting the cables from the installed unit.

Typical Application:

This test / injection probe operates from 5 to 1218 MHz and shows high measurement accuracy. The Test Probe’s output – fitted with an F female connector – is 20 dB below the main level and the frequency response remains exemplary.

This probe is dedicated to applications with a 5/8 inchentry port. The probe connects directly into the boss of the die cast housing and allows level measurements of the downstream or upstream signals without the need of disconnecting the input or output cable from the passive.

The great advantage of not needing to disconnect the network, gives the subscribers an uninterrupted service on both the downstream and upstream TV signals and services.

The test probe can also be used as an injector while testing and aligning the return path, without the need to use the amplifier’s test points.

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