19-inch 3U 100mm NCI-series rack with backplane for NCI modules

Item code: 11102101
Model Number: MRO-100G/BP

  • 19 inch 3RU rack for narrowcast inserter solution
  • Integrated 22-way broadcast splitter
  • 170mm deep
  • All RF connections on the front for easy access
  • Recessed design to allow for cable bends

The MRO-100G/BP is the mounting rack for the Technetix narrowcast inserter solution, housing a single NCC-x222G controller and up to 22 x NCI-521 narrowcast inserters. The rack contains a backplane that all modules are plugged into. No connections need to be made at the back of the rack after installation. The 22-way broadcast splitter, all powering, addressing and control signals are integrated into the backplane. The broadcast feed is automatically terminated when a module is removed, allowing the narrowcast inserters to be hot-swapped.

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