NCI-series controller module with dual BC amplifier and web control

Item code: 11552223
Model Number: NCC-2222G

  • Dual ethernet connections for local and remote communication

The NCC-2222G is a controller combined with a broadcast amplifier. There are 2 BC inputs, A and B for redundancy applications. The unit monitors the RF level of the BC signal and power supply and controls up to 22 NCI-521 Narrow Cast Inserters. Via the build in web browser all settings and controls can be operated. Via SNMP all functions and alarms can be operated remotely. The NCC-2222G is the controller for the Narrow Cast Insertion application. It controls and monitors up to 22 units of the NCI521(-12) in a 19sub rack with back plane, MRO-100/BP. Monitoring of the power supply RPS-UNI is done on the main and back up voltages for both sections of the power supply. Cooling fan of the power supply is monitored. In case of alarm the led at the front lights up red, for an alarm at the power supply and starts blinking red for an alarm with one of the narrow cast inserters. Via SNMP a trap will be send to the network management system. Up to five IP addresses can be configured for sending SNMP traps.

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