5-way 400 MHz headend upstream splitter with step attenuator

Item code: 19006897
Model Number: USP-125

  • Frequency range 5 MHz to 400 MHz
  • Built-in passive step attenuators
  • Rotary attenuation switches with switching times of <5 milliseconds
  • Designed for rack mounting

The USP-125 is a passive upstream splitter with one input and five outputs. In order to connect CMTS, VOD, monitoring and other services (which all have different signal levels), the USP-125 offers three different output levels. Four passive step attenuators are used to set the output levels at the different outputs and the level settings can be adjusted with rotary switches located on the front of the unit.

The unit works up to 400 MHz, is compatible with DOCSIS 3.1 and offers easy adjustment of the upstream levels when channel bonding is used.

The USP-125 has a switchable 2 dB pre-tilt for use at 400 MHz. The switch is located on the side of the unit.

A completely passive product, the USP-125 is compact – up to 24 units fit into a standard 3RU 19-inch rack.

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